Do you have children under the age of 5? We do. We take pool safety extremely seriously because every year families lose young children to accidental drowning. This is entirely preventable with the right precautions. Don’t let an investment in your family’s fun turn into tragedy. With a few simple steps, including NEVER letting children into the pool area unsupervised, your pool will be a safe and enjoyable source of fun for your family.

Today more than ever, we have an array of safety equipment to allow us to monitor and protect our children while they are playing in the pool. With three school age children, we have the following features: a full fence with child lock around the pool area, a safety cover, and pool alarm. Supervision is rule #1 in pool safety.

We all know kids are curious and even the smallest lapse in attention can lead to them getting into areas they shouldn’t, so we can help you find the essential equipment to keep the fun high and the family safe. We offer premium products that will help you keep children out of the water or let you know if they happen to get in without permission.

Ask us about:

Safety Covers – Keep your kids and pets out of the pool effortlessly.

Alarms – Know immediately when anyone or anything enters the water.

Fences – Create a barrier to prevent accidental immersions for your family and neighbors.

Motion Sensor Lights – Know and see immediately what enters your pool area at night.

And remember, the best prevention is vigilant supervision. Keep a clear head when you are watching your children by the pool, talk to your children about pool safety, teach them to swim or get swimming lessons as early as possible (even infants can learn!), and avoid using alcohol when supervising children near the water.

Worried that your pool may not be up to code? Need a consultation on any of the features above? We can help.  Contact us for a pool inspection today.