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*price of chemicals are not included. Please see below for chemical price list. 

In-ground Liner Pool Spring Start Up


Concrete/Gunite Pool Spring Startup     


Commercial Pool -  Larger than 800SQ/FT.


Above-ground Pool Spring Start Up


Spring Start Up Packages includes removing cover, installing ladders and handrails; connecting pump, filter and chlorinator, water test, winter plug removal, start-up of pool, attempt to fire heater and add chemicals to balance water. Chemicals are not included in the price above. Please see the chemical price list below and contact us with any questions. Additional charges may apply for needed repairs or replaced equipment.

Before our crew comes out:

Please make sure we will have access to all needed equipment and all electricity is on. Your pool's water level must be high enough to start your pool. Make sure your propane tank is at least 40% full. Return visits due to inaccessible equipment / electricity or low water will be charged at service charge rates or parts will be used off truck and charged. Water bag covers must be free of water and debris. Deck equipment may be left off if anchor socket condition does not provide safe installation.



Water Bag Covers*

*If the cover is pumped and debris removed, we will not charge any extra. If we are to pump the cover and remove leaves and debris, we will charge an additional $100/per ½hr.

$+125/ HALF HOUR

In-Floor Cleaner


Pools with Heater


Pools with Solar


Programming Automation / Variable Speed Pump


Diving Board Re-Installation


Waterfall/Water Feature


Leaf Net Removal 


Spillover Spa


SVRS (in wall) 



Spring Clean Up Package (2 Visits $350)

Package of two visits with 1 hour per visit. Schedule this package after your pool is open if you need help getting your  pool ready for swimming. This package includes a cleaning session and chemicals. $195 per additional visit.

Start Up Chemical Package $200

Package of chemicals to be added to your pool (salt or auto chlorine) upon startup: 25 lb shock, 3 lb stabilizer, 25 lb alkalinity plus and 1 qt algaecide

Pre-Paid Annual Chemical Packages

These packages include sufficient chemicals for start-up and full use season for most pools.

Automatic Chlorination Pools $700 ($950 value)
This package includes:   
50lb shock50lb tabs, 50lb Alkalinity plus, 3lb stabilizer, 10lb ph plus, 1 QT Algaecide, 5lb ph minus, test strips.

Salt pools $450 ($610 Value)
This package includes:   
25lb bucket of shock, 10 bags of salt, 50lb Alkalinity plus, 3 lb stabilizer, 10 lb PH plus, 10 lb PH minus, 1 qt algaecide, and test strips. 


Water test, Vacuum and Water Balance - 

One Time.  More than one visit may be required to remove majority of debris.  (Chemicals not included)

$195 / VISIT
Service Call Charge (travel time may be added) $195/hr

Weekly Service Residential  (chemicals not included)


Weekly Service Commercial (chemicals not included)




Beginning in 2020 allowing us focus more attention on our core services and following the standards for pool service companies, we will require a credit card on file when scheduling all pool services. 

Arrangements can be made for alternate payment due on service completion. If no alternate payment is made, the card on file will be charged.

Any declined payment or outstanding payment over 7 days after the scheduled service will be charged a fee of $75.00.

Please let our crew know upon scheduling if you have a need for alternate terms.




Granular Calcium Hypochlorite.   (added at pool opening) 

Liquid Chlorine



Calcium Hardness (added at pool opening)



CYA Stabilizer



25lb Granular 73% Chlorine Calcium Hypochlorite Calcium Hypochlorite

[Chlorine Shock]


25lb  3” Trichlor Tabs (chlorinator tabs)


Sodium Bicarbonate “Alkalinity Plus” (added at pool opening)

50lb bag




40 lb bag Pool Salt

(Price includes properly dissolving in pool, we will only add and dissolve our ultra fine granular. Added at Salt Pool Start Up)






10lbs D.E. Filler Powder

(added at startup)


4 in 1 Test strips


1 Qt Iron out (iron & copper sequestering agent prevents stains)


1 Qt Super Water Clarifier Algaecide Poly 30



If your pool needs more than a simple liner replacement, we offer many options and upgrades including:

complete pool renovations,

all types of repair work,

equipment upgrades,

pool automation,

salt water systems,

solar heating systems,

pool opening & closing,

discounted pool chemicals,

and much more...

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