You feed your children organic food, you are careful about what cleaning products you use around the house, you want to do your part to protect the environment and saving money through efficiency doesn’t hurt either! Are there ways to make your pool safer, more environmentally responsible and more economical? Absolutely.

We have many options and upgrades to help you make your pool more environmentally friendly. These include salt water systems, solar heaters, and more.

Salt Water Systems – These are as easy on your eyes and skin as they are on the environment. Reduce the amount of chlorine you expose your family to with a salt water system. This not only saves money on strong chemicals but is also much better for health, especially if you have any sensitive swimmers.

Solar Heating Systems – Use the energy of the sun to warm things up and reduce fossil fuel use. This will save you money over the life of your pool, reduce emissions, and has the benefit of extending the swimming season for your family. Your pool will warm much earlier and stay warm late into the fall.

Just CONTACT US with any questions and we will be help you make your swimming pool fun & safe!