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To book your pool closing and winterizing with Coty Pools, fill out the form below.


We will pump water down 12-18 inches and discharge to an area up to 200' from pool.

Equipment will be dismantled to allow for complete winterizing of all equipment and lines.

Pumps with a twist lock cord and unions will be disconnected to be stored for the winter.

Ladders and handrails will be removed if possible.

Lines will be blown out. plugged and have anti-freeze added.

Cover anchors will be turned up and replaced if needed, waterbags filled up and replaced if needed, covers installed.

Winterizer will be added to water.

Equipment will be left by pool or put away if space is available and request made on this form.

Stuck ladders/handrails may be cut t allow installation of cover.

Stuck cover anchors will be pulled or re-drilled  as carefully as possible but may cause chipping of concrete.


Prior to our arrival, the Customer is responsible to make sure that we have access to the pool area, pool cover and all equipment, the electricity is on and timers set to on.

The pool should be clean and free of debris to allow for easy opening in the spring. We must be notified beforehand if adding a leaf removal/cleaning service per price list.

A service charge will be added for return visits and the Winterizing service will be charged regardless if unable to complete service resulting from the above terms not being met including not having a proper cover available, no electricity available, non-removable equipment, etc

Customer is responsible for checking and maintaining water level throughout winter. Too high or low water level can cause damage or liner floating.


All services require payment day of service.

Arrangements can be made for alternate payment due on service completion. If no alternate payment is made, the card on file will be charged.

We will require a credit card on file when scheduling all pool services.By checking below you authorize us to charge the card on file following the service unless alternative payment has been received.

Any declined payment or outstanding invoice that is not resolved within 3 days of invoice or service will be charged a late fee of $75.00. Interest and collection fees will be charged on all overdue invoices.

Please let me know upon scheduling if you have a need for alternate payment terms.


If you still need help, send us an email by pressing the button below. 


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